boy holding Holy Bible

The True Hope of Christmas

November 26, 2023 When you hear of the hope of Christmas you must realize there are several meanings behind that expression. For many people the hope of Christmas is the warm and fuzzy feeling they recall as a child looking…

a bunch of stickers that are on a wall

Where Is Your Identity?

November 12, 2023 Ask a person who they are and most will tell you what they do for a living. Ask a person about their identity and it’s interesting what kind of answer you’ll get or what kind of strange…

person in black and white striped long sleeve shirt and gray denim jeans

Pocket Full of Promises

November 5, 2023 When I was in college, I always carried a little paperback book with me that was a source of great encouragement. The book titled, “The Jesus Person Pocket Promise Book” was a compilation of 800 promises of…