worm's eye view of trees during night time

The Wonder of God’s Love

June 2, 2024 The love of God is not easily understood. In fact, we are told that we need divine revelation to comprehend anything about God’s love. To get just a little grasp of this enormous aspect of God literally…

selective focus photography of man's reflection on a broken mirror

A God Formed Self-Image

May 26, 2024 How do you see yourself? How you see the most important person in your life sees you is a good indication of your self-image. Think of growing up and how your self-image was formed by how your…

low angle view of cross with red garment

A Gospel Centered Life

April 14, 2024 A Gospel centered life is a Christ centered life because the Lord Jesus Christ and His accomplishment is the focus of the Gospel. Therefore, a Gospel centered life is one in which the person involved is focused…