Community Seminars

grilled meat and vegetable on the table

FOOD FOR LIFE (September 19 – October 24)

WEEKLY, Tuesday 6:30 – 7:30pm
meets in the Fellowship Hall

Join Jamie on a 6-week journey to improved health, wholeness, and vitality! She will provide information, tools, and motivation to improve your nutrition, prevent chronic disease, and increase physical activity. The free program covers:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Nutrients and Their Function
  3. Portion Control and Label Reading
  4. Salt, Sugar, Spices, and Herbs
  5. Stress and Physical Activity
  6. Meal Planning and Healthy Shopping

Jamie Yager is a R.N. and holds a B.A. in Health Education from University of South Florida. She was employed at BayCare in Community Health from 2017-2020 and taught GIFT classes (Get Into Fitness Today) and DEEP classes (Diabetes Empowerment Education Program).  Previously she was a High School Science Instructor in Georgia and a Public Health Nurse.