Biblical Counseling

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Christ Community Presbyterian Church (CCPC), in obedience to God’s word, seeks to make Christian disciples of men and women ( Matthew 28:19-20). Toward that end, CCPC offers to the community around us a “biblical counseling ministry” for the purpose of teaching and equipping God’s people.

There are times in our life that we experience immense and unrelenting sadness, uncontrollable worry and rumination, trauma, addiction, deep grief, confusion and pain in our relationships, difficulties raising our children, decision-making, and strain in our marriages.  CCPC believes that God’s word has all the knowledge and instruction needed in this world to address the pain and suffering we experience while we are on earth.

Biblical counseling addresses our needs for happiness, leads to relief from suffering, provides understanding for our grief, gives clarity when we are confused, and leads to a deeper connection in our relationships, by seeking an understanding of our experience through the lens of God’s word, alongside trained biblical counselors. In addition to counseling to address sadness, trauma, worry, anxiety, grief, and relationship issues, we are able to provide biblically-based counseling to address household budgeting and nutrition.


Have questions? We have the answers!

What is “biblical counseling”?

One way to understand what biblical counseling is by understanding what it is not.  Biblical counseling is NOT mental health counseling, psycho-therapy, psychiatry, or hypnosis. Biblical counseling relies upon the truth contained in God’s word to address our needs for understanding and knowledge of God’s will for our life.

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by calling or texting 727-203-4987, or emailing

What does biblical counseling cost per session?

There is not set fee for this ministry, however, donations for counseling sessions are accepted. CCPC would appreciate a donation of $50.00 per session of counseling, but any amount is appreciated. Also, if you are unable to donate money for counseling, consider bringing a couple of cans of food for our food bank ministry.  We will not turn anyone away who cannot afford to donate money or canned goods.

What can I expect?

When you make your first appointment you will be sent an intake form to complete that will help us understand who you are, and what sort of help you are seeking. Included in the questionnaire is a “Consent to Counsel” form that must be completed prior to beginning the first session.  The “Consent to Counsel” form explains that “biblical counseling” is NOT in any way “mental health counseling” and that the individuals leading the counseling sessions are trained biblical counselors, not licensed “therapists” conducting therapy.

Will my personal information be safeguarded?

CCPC does not collect personal information such as social security numbers or bank records. Your personal information such as name, phone number and address, or notes for the counselor to maintain continuity of care, are stored in a locked container. If at any time in the future, records are stored on computers or the internet “cloud”, the records will be encrypted and secured safely.

Have the counselors been trained?

Yes. The counselors have completed biblical counseling training.