The never-ending growth process of becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

As discipleship is a life-long process of learning and applying the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ, so our process of discipleship is designed to stretch each person in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Although we hold to the things most surely believed and taught in the Westminster Confession of Faith , true discipleship focuses as much on application as it does the doctrine of the faith.

“Flock Shepherding”

In our striving to follow the instruction in the Word of God regarding elders, the session has moved to a system of “flock shepherding” where each of the elders has primary oversight (care, communication, and coaching) over a specific group of members and attendees. The elder who has your family in his “flock shepherding group” will be contacting you to connect and pray with you. Although all of your elders will be available to you, the session is encouraging you to contact your flock shepherd first if possible when there is a specific need or concern.

For additional reading, see:
Matthew 28:18-20
Hebrews 5:12-14
2 Peter 3:18